Worship and Tech

8The Worship Team leads us in worship and provides momentum for receiving the message each week. Our Worship Leader works with the Pastor to create a worship set that compliments his message. We sing four or five songs. We usually have five-ish singers and five or six instruments each week; acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, drum, and keys. But if you play the ukelele or some other awesome instrument, we can make a space for you. Besides worshipping in the services (both services - plural), they practice on Wednesday nights and run a sound check an hour before the first service on Sundays. Some talent/giftage is needed for this job. Frequency of volunteering can be discussed with the Worship Leader, but sometimes having a sweet band trumps the fact that you just served last week.

Another ministry that you don't have to miss the service for is Tech Team. We support the Worship Team with sound and slides and provide a live stream for those who are unable to attend. Sound and slides serve both services and camera and switcher serve in the first service (the one we stream.) Training is provided - so basically the job requirements are perfecting your innocent look when the congregation turns around when something happens to the sound/screens out of the ordinary. (Don't deny it - you've done it before.) Running sound requires "an ear for it," but we have people to train you in it. We have junior high boys running our equipment some days, so anyone can volunteer. Volunteer frequency is what you want to make of it, starting at two weeks on and two weeks off and any less frequency that you want.

  • Worship Band
  • Worship Team
  • Camera Operators
  • Sound Technicians
  • Slide Technician
  • Switcher Operator (Producer)
  • Communion
  • Piano Prelude

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