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Grades 5-6 and 7-12

While we Journey Together through these years, we will enjoy plenty of fun and adventurous challenges. But fun and adventure are only part of the journey. Together we will discover what it means to Love God personally, in our relationships at home, school, and in our communities. On this journey, we will Serve and learn to make an impact in people's lives now. Students do not have to wait to change the world. We can do it together now. We hope you join us as we follow Jesus and become fishers of men!

Club 56 (5th & 6th Grades) – Every Wednesday, 5th & 6th grade students come together to be renewed and refocus. Bring a friend and join us from 6:30-7:45pm each week for music, games, food, teaching, and relationships!

Journey Groups (7th-12th Grades) - Each Wednesday, we break into small groups to learn and discuss life, God, and relationships.

RIOT (5th-8th Grades) – Life's a RIOT! At least one Friday per month, middle school students bring friends and have a RIOT! We provide safe people, places, and fun for students. 

BREAK (7th-12th Grades) – Every Sunday night, 7th-12th grade students explore our relationships with God and with those around us. Bring a friend and join us from 6-8pm every Sunday for music, fun, dinner, teaching, and relationships. Our students have named the time at which we gather together to Break away, Break bread, and Break open to what God has for us! BREAK for short! We are inviting all 7th-12th grade students to join us for family dinner, worship, and time in the Word together. We meet from 6p to 8p in the youth room on Sunday evenings.

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Summer Trips and Camps

Community Service Projects

Winter Retreats


Sunday School & Small Groups

Friday Night Gym / Game Nights

A Church to get involved in as a teenager


paintwars 7For Parents:

Manteno Student Ministries have a few basic beliefs about youth ministry...

-No one is too young to have a real and intimate relationship with the Lord. Your students matter to us and to God. Although our relationships with Christ look different at various stages of life, all of those stages matter.

-Students should be surrounded by adults who love them and encourage them. Studies show that students should have 3-5 solid adult influences in their lives. We love and care about your students! We want to help teach on Sundays/Wednesdays, but we also want to grow deeper with them every other day of the week. Football game, musical, band competitions? We'll try our hardest to be there, and we'll definitely be your biggest fan!

-Youth Ministry should be both fun and edifying. Your students should have fun when they join us for youth group and events. But we also want your students to learn more about Jesus, his love, and God's Word. We spend time teaching lessons on different passages from the Bible, sharing ideas on how to apply Scriptures to our lives, and time in small groups discussing the lessons further.