First Impressions

First ImpressionsYou never get a second chance to make a first impression. And these volunteer positions are definitely our first impressions on people. A smile and an open door. "Yes we do have a kids program, let me take you over to the desk." "Would you like a cup of coffee?" "Here, let me show you the best place to sit." These are the people we are looking for.

Our first line of impressions are our parking lot greeters. Half the year they wear a coat and dodge cars outside and smile/wave/make friendly talk to those in the lot. The other half of the year, they swelter in the heat and still smile/wave/make friendly talk to those passing by. They serve about once a month - or as often as they want. (Can you ever have too many people waving?)

Greeters are our second line. They smile, say hello, and open doors for one and all. Beginning about a half hour before service starts and ending 5 minutes after service starts. They serve 2 consecutive weekends a year, every eight weeks. We're pretty sure that it's 12 times a year, along with three greeter meetings a year. 

Following the first-time visitor in, next is our welcome desk volunteers. They have the answers to all the faqs you could ever ask, or they know where to find the answer. They love to give tours, direct people to where the bathrooms are, and hand out welcome packets. These volunteers serve about once a month. 

We also need volunteers to help prepare and clean up the coffee each week. Pretty self-explanatory, make sure that morning caffeine is available to everyone who needs it. 

Once our "visitor" has their coffee (with a lid on it) it is time for them to go to the sanctuary for service. Our ushers are there to smile, open doors, and if they look a little lost - find someplace for them to sit. They slide the latecomers into service, take the offering, and help pass communion.

All of these jobs are excellent for the extroverted person. Check out tech production if you want a job where you don't have to talk to anyone.

• Greeters
• Ushers
• Welcome Desk
• Coffee
• Parking Lot Attendants


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