Monday 4/13

From Pastor Ken's Loft...

He is Risen!

But in John 20:24-25, the disciple Thomas did not believe it because he was not present the first time Jesus appeared to the disciples. He did not believe Mary, the 1st evangelist, and he did not believe the other 10 disciples. He needed to touch Jesus' wounds himself.

Yesterday was Easter, Resurrection Sunday. Did it 'feel' like it while sheltering-at-home? Where were the baptisms? Where were all the people I could join saying, 'He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!'? Maybe you could not be with family yesterday. All of Easter's traditions gone in one Pandemic. Maybe we needed to 'touch' the Body of Christ yesterday and remember how Jesus Christ has delivered all of us to new life over the years. Just being physically present helps us do that sometimes. But it was not to be yesterday.

Or was it? Thomas found out that Jesus was alive. If our world ever needs to know and to see the wounds of Jesus risen from the dead and living in its midst, it is today. I hope you see the wounds of Jesus on his triumphant body and realize that in the midst of 'different' and 'challenging' He Has Overcome!

You Will Overcome!

Jesus is alive in your woundedness and He will help you help someone else to overcome!

Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Jesus Christ! Romans 8:37-39.

Together in Christ!