Wednesday 4/8

From Pastor Ken's Loft...

Greetings from cell 7055. Okay, maybe not. Is anyone finding their tolerance tank less full? I can tell things are bothering me. I'm supposed to be learning how to slow down right now. But there are moments that I can tell that this whole thing bothers me and is simmering beneath the surface.

3 of the Disciples this week intrigue me. Judas and two anonymous Disciples who had swords. What was Judas thinking? Tomorrow night at the 'Last Supper' he sounds shocked that Jesus said he was betraying him. Was Judas trying to trick the Sanhedrin by taking their money and thought that when they arrested Jesus that he would rise up and take power? Was Judas just greedy for money? Why will he kiss Jesus on the cheek tomorrow night in the Garden? What was Judas thinking? He felt such remorse and shame he killed himself on Good Friday.

Then the two disciples with swords! Really? They even bragged about having 2 swords among the 12 of them! At least two of them were ready to lead a rebellion. 2 swords? Really? Maybe they really were ready to die for Jesus! I love Jesus' response to them, 'That is enough.' I love it! What a rebellion? Was Jesus smirking or sighing and wondering when they would get what losing your life to gain it really means? Or maybe Jesus knew something they did not.

Then all 12 of them start arguing about who the best 2 disciples were. Maybe, Jesus and the 12 were all dealing with some simmering emotions and anxiety under the surface.

So going into Maundy Thursday, Jesus and the Disciples were dealing with emotions and events they could not control. They said and did some things that did not make sense. What would Thursday bring?

What will Thursday bring for us? What economic news, pandemic news, family news, employment news, and more will we find out? Is our patience and are the other Fruits of the Spirit (read Galatians 5:22-23) running a little thin when we need them the most? Mine have been.

Jesus did not venture off on his own. The disciples stuck closer than glue or body odor this week. And when things got really stressful, he asked them to stay with him and pray with him.

Let's stick together, stink together, pray together, and eventually be a pleasing aroma to the Heavenly Father together. Call someone today. See how they are doing? Pray together right there over the phone or video. Do it. The Church Family that stinks together, I mean prays together, smells good together too.

Together in Christ.

(The Cardinal is still at it and a Robin sits on the branch and just watches all day!)