Monday 4/7

Daily Encouragement 4 7The Cardinal Watch with Pastor Ken...

The attack Cardinal lives. He started his attack today at 6:10am and continues the assault even as I type.

Tell me you enjoyed the weather today! Wow! Beautiful! Almost as if nothing were wrong in the world. BUT plenty is wrong. COVID-19 continues to spread, take lives, and manipulate our lives. On one hand, a beautiful day that many people enjoyed. On the other, a pandemic changing lives.

Look at Jesus' last week alive. The Jewish people loved the Passover Festival. Thousands of people were in Jerusalem enjoying the festival and worshipping God. But on the other hand, the religious leaders of the country were dealing with Jesus and his followers who were talking differently about the kingdom of God. They felt threatened that Jesus' life, teachings, and miracles would start a movement, a 'pandemic' for them, that would change everything.

Even before and after this pandemic, we never really knew what was going on in someone else's life. We assumed they were enjoying the sunshine of life. But in reality, we all deal with the world's problems.

This week, Holy Week, remember that Jesus told his disciples, in John 16:33, 'In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world!'

Be encouraged. Find someone today to join in their story. Remind each other that Christ has overcome the world and gives us peace beyond understanding.

Together in Christ!