Student Ministries

Youth Group

Grades 5-8 and 9-12

M419 Students

"Follow me and I will make you fishers of men," Jesus said in Matthew 4:19.

Welcome! Middle and High School Student Ministries challenge teenagers with more than entertainment. Together, we encourage each other to explore and live out M419, or Matthew 4:19.

While we Journey Together through these years, we will enjoy plenty of fun and adventurous challenges. But fun and adventure are only part of the journey. Together we will discover what it means to Love God personally, in our relationships at home, school, and in our communities. On this journey we will Serve and learn to make an impact in people's lives now. Students do not have to wait to change the world. We can do it together now. We hope you join us as we follow Jesus and become fishers of men!

BOOST (5th-8th Grades) – Every Wednesday, 5th-8th grade students get a BOOST in the middle of their week. Bring a friend and join us from 6:30-7:45 pm each week for BOOST music, games, food, teaching, and relationships!

RIOT (5th-8th Grades) – Life's a RIOT! At least one Friday per month, BOOST students brings friends and have a RIOT! We provide safe people, place, and fun for students.

REACH (9th-12th Grades) – Every Sunday. 9th-12th grade students discover how to REACH for God and REACH out to share with others and serve. Bring a friend and join us from 6-7:30pm every Sunday for Renovate music, fun, dinner, teaching, and relationships.

Other M419 Opportunities

Life's a RIOT

Summer Trips and Camps

Community Service Projects

Winter Retreats

Bible Quizzing

Sunday School &Small Groups

Friday Night Gym / Game Nights

A Church to get involved in as a teenager

For Parents:

Manteno Student Ministries – M419 – Intentionally targets 5 values in our journey with students.

  • Atmosphere – When students walk into our church and student ministry, we work to make sure they feel accepted, safe, welcomed, and anticipated.
  • Future Vision – We encourage and help M419 Students to make an impact in their homes, schools, work places, communities, and relationships.
  • Inter-generational worship and ministry – This helps students begin to 'own' their church. Instead of being entertained non-stop students get involved and make their church work. Sunday morning worship and involvement in ministry from Middle School forward helps them grow as disciples instead of consumers.
  • Age-appropriate teaching – Students learn how to read and understand the Bible and how to read and understand their culture instead of just being pulled in by it. Students also hear teaching targeted at their age appropriate levels.
  • Traditions – The M419 message is sacred but the methods we employ to build M419 Students change. One tradition we refuse to give up on is communicating the Good News of the Bible in creative and relevant methods. We also carry on traditions from the beginning of Christianity like Communion and Baptism. Along the way we also will find some of our own traditions and as long as they continue to stay relevant with students in communicating the message and building disciples, we will continue those traditions. Students look forward to traditions in our families and in their lives.