Reverend Gene Tanner is filling in as our interim lead pastor at this time. Gene was the pastor at Valparaiso Nazarene, in Valparaiso, Indiana for over twenty-five years. While leading there, the church grew from 400+ to 1500+. He continues to serve on staff at Valparaiso in an emeritus status, allowing him to travel, speak, and most importantly for us, interim. For the past fifteen months, he has been the interim pastor at Portage Real Life.

Gene has taught at PALCONS (a Pastors and Leaders Conference for Nazarene clergy) on three continents and is in demand to speak at district training events, local church retreats, and revivals. He has previously served as a trustee at Olivet. He has spoken at Chapel at Olivet and at the Leadership Roundtable at Nazarene Seminary.

Outside our denomination, he has been a guest speaker at Valparaiso University School of Law and at the School of Theology. He has taught for the past 35 years as a guest lecturer for cruise lines.

Gene is sixty-six years old and has been married to his wife Tamra for forty-one years. They have two children and four grandsons.


Church Board

Q. Who is qualified to serve on the church board and what authority and responsibility does the board have?
A. The Lead Pastor is accountable to the elected, representative members of the church board. Every person in the congregation, if they are qualified (a spiritually mature, tithing, participating member of the local church), may be considered for service on the church board. The board has the elected responsibility and authority, given to them from the members of the church, to govern the congregation.

Q. Who are the church board members and when does their term of service expire?
Terri Baldwin - 2022
Shari Boudreau – 2021
Heather Day - 2022
Dan Ferris, Treasurer – 2021
Melody Grimm, NYI Representative – 2022
Tony Grimm, SDMI Chair – 2022
Ryan Himes - 2022
Nathan Lacher – 2022
Sam Lyle – 2022
Mark Mountain, Board Secretary – 2022
Jean Moy, Recording Secretary – 2021
Rick Ouwenga – 2021
Bruce Paarlberg – 2021
Kevin Reardanz – 2021
Lynne Utter, NMI (Missions) Representative – 2022

 Q. What is church attendance and what portion of that number are members of the Church of the Nazarene?
While it is difficult to know the attendance currently with some attending in person and others viewing services online, in March, when we were last together, we averaged about 340 in Sunday morning attendance. We currently have 212 people on our active membership rolls. A membership class is planned for Saturday, October 17 and we encourage any interested to plan to take part.