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November 12 COVID Update



DCovid Updateear Church Family,

I wanted to share a quick update as we head into this coming weekend. We plan on holding our regularly scheduled worship service at 10:00a this Sunday. Many are choosing to worship from home in preparation for Thanksgiving and also to stay healthy as they finish off the school semester. Because of a lower in-person attendance and the protocols in place, we believe we can still hold a meaningful service while following the guidelines that have been put in place for those that would like to come. If you plan on attending, you can help us in a couple of ways: register online https://reopen.church/r/xgU0SqpS and continue to follow all the social distancing and safety protocols.

If you are in the high risk category for COVID, we want to continue to encourage you to worship with us from home. We offer that same encouragement for any others, including volunteers, that are doing everything they can to stay healthy for a job or in preparation for upcoming family gatherings. With the increase in cases and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, please know we understand if you feel it is best to stay home. We will have the Sunday morning service posted later on Sunday in the afternoon.

Our goal is to continue to meet in person for Sunday morning services. The only current exception is Sunday, November 29. We do not plan on holding an in-person service on November 29 following the Thanksgiving holiday. While gatherings may be smaller, our assumption is that families will still be together for Thanksgiving which leads to increased exposure. We feel that not bringing everyone into the building the following Sunday may be a help in preventing potential spread for those that may contract the virus but are not showing symptoms yet. By holding off for a week, it may allow for anyone that is not showing systems early on a little extra time to identify that they are positive and not expose people at the church. So, we will be online-only on Sunday, November 29 (posted on Facebook and YouTube at 10:00a) and we plan on being back in person on December 6.

We’ll continue to keep a close eye on new developments. Know that we are doing our best to balance the desires of our people to meet together, keep everyone as safe as possible while doing so, being a good partner and neighbor in our community, and serving those that are worshipping from home well. It’s a thin tightrope to walk. Thanks in advance for your grace as we navigate these days. We hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and look forward to connecting with you on Sunday, either in person or online!

Blessings, Pastor Scott