Saturday 4/4

From Pastor Ken's Loft,

A few announcements before a devotional thought:

- We will not be holding services at 698 N. Locust St tomorrow morning. Instead, we will be bringing our services online to you at 10am in your homes. FB - Manteno Naz or Manteno Church of the Nazarene; YouTube - Manteno Nazarene or our website -

- People have been asking about holding a Parking Lot Service and broadcast over the car radios. After looking into that, here is where we stand. The FM Transmitters are all unavailable until May. Sold out. Also, last week about 6 cars were 'gathered' in our parking lot, talking. Someone called the police on us. For now, online is our best option.

Right before Jesus rode into Jerusalem on what we call Palm Sunday, he was anointed by Mary with expensive perfume. The disciples were mortified but Jesus was touched because she alone picked up on the heaviness of his heart and was willing to be present in his grief and possibly even dread of the next week of his life.

If I were there, would I have been trying to talk Jesus out of going? Or would I have been like Judas and sold Jesus to force his hand into rebellion? Or would I have purchased a sword like Simon Peter? Or, would I have known the heart of Jesus and joined him like Mary?

When we see people with heavy hearts, will we stop and have a heavy heart with them or will we try to change them? Stop first. Let Jesus work on the change.

Together in Christ,

Pastor Ken